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Fever | 2017
  • Written & Directed by Logan George & Celine Held
  • Director of Photography & Editor Logan George
  • Sound Recordist Celine Held
  • Original Music David Baloche
  • Starring Shahla al Balushi, Yuza "Shiro" Hiroumi, Aamahri Nicholson, & Nikesh Ghimire

Four young people unknowingly walk toward a moment that brings out their most basic instincts.

Fever was shot by two person crew Logan George & Celine Held on location in Japan, Nepal, Oman, and in the USA.


    "The ambition in 'Fever' isn’t limited to the production ... narratively, George and Held’s film tries some quite unusual things ... with its lack of dialogue and four individual storylines."

    Rob Munday, Short of the Week

    "'Fever' taps into something humans try so hard to suppress ... [Held & George] do such an amazing job articulating each instinct."

    Chani Sebazco, Monologue Blogger

    "'Fever' is really out of this world, something quite unique and innovative in its delivery."

    Chris Toumazou, COMPULSORY.
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