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Caroline | 2018
  • Written & Directed by Logan George & Celine Held
  • Produced by Kara Durrett
  • Executive Producers Tom Large & Kristian Brodie
  • Director of Photography Lowell A. Meyer
  • Starring Caroline Falk, Brooks Falk, Sally Falk, Celine Held & Tam Jackson

When plans fall through, a six-year-old is faced with a big responsibility on a hot Texas day.


    "... [Their] intuitive approach, combined with a thoughtful dedication to story and characters, results in a film that embodies a carefully considered naturalism."

    Ina Pira, Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere

    "... it’s a powerful and resonating watch driven on by the incredibly touching performances. All these elements come together in the breathtaking fast escalation at the end, resulting in a climax that left me truly shaken."

    Céline Roustan, Short of the Week

    "All elements meld perfectly — immersive images, editing and sound design, are met with compelling performances by all, including the young children, and Held, herself, as the out of control young mother."

    Kentucker Audley, No Budge

    12 minutes | 2018 | U.S.A. | ELO films / Scout / Horizons

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